Monday, March 20, 2017

'Who said jail was hard? Unremorseful child killer boast on Facebook despite being locked up in prison

Jordan McCready, a Scottish child killer who was jailed for life for kicking teenager Jon Wilson to death in Kilmarnock, has claimed life in prison is 'easy', Daily record reported.  The 23-year-old  in a series of Facebook posts from behind bars under the name Cammy Asc on Wednesday posted an update which read:

'Who said jail was hard sniffing lines and living the high life in hmp shotts tooo eazzzzyyy".
Earlier on Saturday, he posted: 'Stoned oot ma nut watchin the fitbaw.'
While in another post, he appeared to be looking for some female conversation, asking: 'Wit Wit we durtys gawny mail ees?'
Reacting to his Facebook posts, a spokesperson for the Scottish Prison Service said:
'We do not comment on individual prisoners. We do not permit access to the internet and therefore to social media sites. SPS cannot close social media profiles. Upon identification of a profile for a prisoner, we request removal from the site. The SPS only has the ability to investigate and request removal of Facebook accounts that are proven to be accessed while a prisoner is in our care'.
The spokesperson said Jordan McCready was jailed when he was 17 for kicking teenager Jon Wilson to death in Kilmarnock in 2011.

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