Tuesday, June 6, 2017

British journalist alleges Islamic countries are offering financial inducements to Christians in Nigeria to convert them to Islam

In the most significant piece of news to come out of the middle east on Monday, Saudi Arabia and a coalition of Islamic countries including UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen severed all diplomatic ties with Qatar ostensibly, because the Qataris are allegedly state sponsors of terrorism.
Somehow, Nigeria has found itself in the mix. In an article examining the unfolding diplomatic chaos, Paul Mason, a journalist for international news house, Guardian, alleged that Islamic countries are in the practice of paying Christians in  Nigeria to convert to Islam.
This is how he put it:
"Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the other Gulf monarchies, organised in the so called Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), have a long history of backing the spread of Sunni Islamist ideology outside the region. Not just in Britain, but, for example, even in places such as rural Nigeria, where I’ve seen Gulf oil money used to incentivise Christians to convert, fuelling the religious conflict there."
You can read the full article here:

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