Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Late Moji Olaiya’s Look Alike Attended Burial Service And This Happened

According to report,there was a mild commotion at Ebony Vault in Ikoyi Lagos on Wednesday, June 7, during the burial of late actress Moji Olaiya, when a suspicious looking woman showed up.

The lady, who got everyone panicked was reported to be a lookalike of the late actress. Nollywood stars were said to have thought Moji Olaiya reappeared in another shape. Those who saw her said she shared the same walking steps with Moji Olaiya.

The striking resemblance was said to have thrown many off balance. According to close observers, she stayed around for a bit just as someone surveying the area before disappearing from the area. After the encounter, some were of the opinion that the actress came in another form to watch over her baby in line with a popular Yoruba proverb that states “Okun Olomo kii sun” meaning “The spirit of a nursing mother never sleeps”.
 May her soul rest in peace.

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