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These Are The Kind Of Things You Hear When A Guy Wants A Lady

Guys are very good and funny in the choice of words they use when they want to get a girl.
It is so funny that you wouldn’t even know when you will start loving up or you even laugh.

These are some of the commonly used terms used by guys when they want to ask you out, ask for $ex or even as simple as friendship.

1. You look beautiful, can i meet you?

2. You look so familiar, i almost took you as someone else

3. Are you seeing someone

4. You have the best lips ever, i don’t mind kissing it

5. Can you come over to my place? i have new movies we should see together

6. Do you sing well?

7. I bought you these from a store nearby, hope you like it?

8. Have you eaten?

9. Please tell me all about yourself

10. sorry i saw your number on my phone, please what’s your name.

These are some out of many used words by guys.

Girls tell us the one that was used for you.

Oya which do you use ?

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