Thursday, October 18, 2018

"A tale of two umbrellas" - Vanity Fair magazine compares Prince Harry's umbrella etiquette to Donald's Trump's

 "A tale of two umbrellas" - Vanity Fair magazine compares Prince Harry

President Trump has been criticised for not sharing his umbrella with wife Melania. 

In photos and videos shared widely online, as Trump and his wife left the White House to board the Marine One helicopter, the President walked over to the TV camera while holding their umbrella,  leaving Melania behind and unprotected from the rain. 
On the other hand, not only did Meghan Markle hold an umbrella over Prince Harry while he delivered a speech to a local community, he also did same for her.
Vanity Fair magazine has since compared Prince Harry and President Donald Trump's umbrella etiquette as they share both pictures with the caption ''A tale of Two Umbrellas.''

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