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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Sir Emeka Offor Foundation 4th books distribution ceremony

The Sir Emeka Offor Foundation (SEOF) recently carried out massive books and computer distribution to schools across the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria. This is the fourth major book distribution the foundation will be carrying out in Nigeria since the initiative began. The continent-wide project is a collaborative effort between the Foundation and Books for Africa (BFA), a non-profit organization based in the United States.

According to information gathered from the Foundation’s end of year activity report, over 26 million US dollar have been expended in the distribution of books, computers and other educational resources. Schools covered in the project are primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. It is estimated that over 19 countries in the African continent including Gabon, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Guinea, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroun, Rwanda, Kenya, Zambia, etc. have benefited from the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation’s books and computer distribution to schools.

“Education would be a shadow pursuit without reading materials,” Sir Emeka Offor said, during the book distribution. This is his motivation in distributing a variety of qualitative reading materials to schools in a continent where the education sector appears to be underfunded. The distribution of books is a continuous project of the Foundation, which is one of the cardinal areas that it creates a positive impact in the society as well as provides opportunities to the underprivileged.

Below are some of the pictures that were taken at the book distribution at Sir Emeka Offor Foundation headquarters in Oraifite Anambra State……

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