Monday, May 8, 2017

Shocking moment elderly woman is slammed to the ground and thrown into a pool after she asked party-goers to turn down the noise

A shocking video shows an elderly woman being slammed to the floor before getting thrown into a swimming pool by a group of young party-goers just because she asked them to turn the noise down.

The video begins with a view of the noisy revellers partying and having fun. Soon, an elderly woman limps in, bringing two dogs on a leash with her.
The unidentified woman appeared to be asking the revellers to turn down their music though what exactly she said to them is unclear because of the noise. As she got close to the young party-goers, a voice is heard yelling in the background for the woman to be thrown into the pool. 

A man in a red t-shirt then comes in front of the elderly woman, picks her off the floor and starts carrying her to the pool. Halfway there, he slipped and fell with the woman, her body hitting hard against the floor. He then stood almost immediately and dragged the woman by her shirt and legs then tossed her into the pool while the crowd cheered him on. Panicked party-goers were later seen fleeing the scene.

It is unclear whether the woman was hurt from the incident. Also, the location where it occurred cannot be ascertained from the video.

See the outrageous video below.

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