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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Chinese Diplomats Almost Lynched By Mob In Wuse Market

The Department of States Security operatives, the police and the Ministry of Interior at about 9 a.m. on Wednesday were reported to have rushed to the rescue of Chinese diplomats at Wuse market, Abuja after one of the foreigners, boastful in nature, failed to obey normal security procedures.

Eyewitnesses at the scene of the incident revealed that the foreigner, chubby in nature, who described himself as the “head of the Chinese business unit in the embassy” resisted a n order requiring him to open the boot f his Honda sedan car which had diplomatic license plates attached.

According to report, the Chinese diplomat who was in the car with another Chinese refused to heed the order as he made to enter into the market.

The diplomat was reported to have been very boastful noting that he would call the nation’s security chiefs to lock up anyone who threatened him and his fellow Chinese national.

According to SaharaReporters, his temper however got him on the wrong side of a mob which quickly formed at the scene insisting he complies with the security procedure.

The mob, clearly angered by the continued insistence of the Chinese diplomat was reported to have mobbed his car with the aim of dragging the Chinese man out of the vehicle along with his accomplice.

Report however indicated that it took the intervention of the Abuja Market Authority Management and Security officials to secure them from being lynched.

One of the Chinese nationals was reported to have been attacked in the process leading to the tearing of his shirt. He further claimed the sum of N100,000 was stolen from his car.

The diplomat, boasting of his connection in high places in the presence of a SaharaReporters contributor, was reported to have bragged to the mob..

Following calls made by the diplomat, some security men promptly arrived at the scene and the management of the market was made to provide the allegedly stolen N100,000 and a new shirt before the Chinese man stepped out of the vehicle to write a statement.
It is not clear if the diplomat will press further charges, but he seemed to be a bit calmer when he drove out of the market, having demonstrated his connections, several security agencies appearing at the speed of light to rescue him.

One angry witness noted that he enjoyed the full service of the Nigerian state “showing little regard for laws or basic rules and regulations in the market.”

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