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Monday, July 17, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Dear Icechuks,
Am a good fan of your good works, thank you for the wonderful opportunity to express my feelings.

Please don't mind my English bvs,am still a leaner....

My story goes like this,I am a 23 years old girl and I am in 300level in one of the federal university in the East.

I have this childhood friend; a girl that recently got admission in the same school I am studying and I am accommodating her.

I have known her for the past 9 years now Infact we both looked for admission together but I was lucky to get before her. To cut the story short,we are having issues now and what caused it is that I advised her to read her book and told her she is taking it for granted and my school rarely allows sorting courses If you should fail..

 Instead of heeding to my advice she stopped talking to me.

She just left the next morning to a Friend's place and she didn't tell me where she was going to and when she later came back,she still didnt talk to me.

There is this guy that stays close to our lodge that is her friend,I guess she goes there to sleep because the guy doesn't talk to me again too. 

Please I need your advise as she is the type that does not apologize even when she is wrong. The last time she a picked quarrel with me, I took her to chitis and bought chicken pasta and drink and asked her to forgive me although I didn't do anything to her and what she did was to tell that her friend that I took her to chitis and begged her for forgiveness, can you people imagine? that is one of the reasons I decided not to apologize to her again. 

Please I need you people's advise,every to knows about our friendship even her mum.

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